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About Cheri

Why Wyldheron?

Because I use a neuroprotective focus to influence the Brain-Gut axis specializing in GI infections, including Helicobacter pylori.

In addition, I can help you with depression, Celliac’s/gluten and other food sensitivities, fatigue, infection, pyroluria, environmental exposures, head injuries, inflammation, blood sugar issues, pre- and post- surgery preparation and more.

Cheri Watson




Medical Herbalist

I am a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, certified Medical Herbalist and certified Clinical Nutritionist practicing in the Functional Medicine tradition in Colorado.

My practice evolved from my love for medicine and fascination with plants.  These, combined with a deep commitment to help people address their health issues in a natural way, led to the creation of Wyldheron Alternative Health. The name Wyldheron was chosen from a dream that I had of a Great Blue Heron taking off from a field at dawn, and I awoke with an intense feeling of hope.

Hope for the healthiest life possible is what I offer you.